The 10 reasons I’m compelled to write, more than ever.

The 10 reasons I’m more compelled to write, more than ever.

Musings, the start of project 'Love is a Curious Thing' ...

Musings, the start of project ‘Love is a Curious Thing’ …

September holds a number of significant events for me. The arrival of my long, lost friend the sun, a birthday, the impetus to spring clean and typically, a myriad of celebrations with friends. The tangibility of the weathers emotional warmth is measured through these moments, my own personal barometer you could say.


Last month, Mercury – and typical of his nature – decided to send my Virgoan brain into overdrive. To give you context, last year I elected to put my mental acuity to the test and pursue an adventure in freelance writing. True to my former-perfectionistic nature, I set the benchmark higher than an Olympic pole-vaulter could deftly contort over. My hallmark of being born under the ‘communicator’ God, saw me leapfrog into a plethora of projects. Crash-landing elegantly each time, gripping the pole and staring at the sky, breathing a sigh of relief I’d made it. Here’s the insight: much like a pole-vaulting athlete, I embodied speed, agility and strength. The one important element I *convinced* myself I lacked: technical skill.


For close to one year, I refrained from taking off in my writing, because I, the true Earth sign I am, had feet stuck in terra firma. My position of sprinting down the runway, all that kinetic energy – replaced, with becoming a world-class spectator. For 12 months I just sat with the memories of mastering the fly-away – a position highly-emphasised by novice vaulters – where you push off the pole, face the bar and just focus on your arms and legs not knocking the bar over. I didn’t actively leverage any golden moments to ‘swing up’ and over. Freelance writing appeared to be a sport this maiden couldn’t master.


Mercury – the tricky Roman prankster, certainly gave me a shake-up. They came to me in 10 different shape-shifting forms:


  1. The SBS documentary series Living with the Enemy
  2. The BBC documentary series Toughest Place to be a …
  3. Katherine Viner’s lecture @ Uni of Melbourne [The Guardian Editor-in-Chief]
  4. My lecturer, Mark Pearson [Professor of Journalism and Social Media, Media Law teacher]
  5. My lecturer, Guy Healy [Freelance Journalist, Styles & Genres of Journalism teacher]
  6. The blog ‘31 Dates in 31 Days’
  7. My ‘breaking news’ experiences; as a consequence I almost subsequently broke
  8. Myanmar opening up it’s doors (next year) to former residents children
  9. My singer friend, Ajak Kwai – we are part of World Writing Group project
  10. My journalist friend, Tania Sheward – ‘failure is not an option’


Each offered a magnificent prism into the world of journalism. Reigniting a desire to start clearing my hurdles, and standing (or vaulting) for the reasons I elected to turn my life-upside down to become a journalist for. Apparently, it is not unusual for elite athletes to carry 10 different types of poles to competitions. Factors like length, and how solid the poles are became important at that stage of the game. It can make or break effectiveness. It’s a poignant analogy, and provided me with the forward motion I needed. Now, I’ve set my standard and taking steps to adjust my approach. It’s time to clear new storytelling heights.


This post heralds the start of a personal  journalism project I am doing, entitled ‘Love is a Curious Thing.’ Each month I’ll be exploring themes centred around this and incorporating my images. The topic I am currently researching: The pursuit of knowledge.

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