I love writing features on individuals and movements. Giving people a voice by telling their stories and sharing their lives is what drives me. As a contributing author in the best-selling series ‘Adventures in Manifesting’, I’m a firm believer in creating your vision. My favourite saying is ‘Knowledge itself is power’ and my desire is to help educate people and let intelligence shine.

Combining writing + photography is a darn good gig. Hard work, but worth it.

I’m an emerging photojournalist, influenced by the street photography and philosophy of Henri Cartier Bresson. I love the element curiosity brings into storytelling, both visually and conceptually. Through my current studies: Bachelor of Communications (Journalism & Public Relations) and an Advanced Diploma in Photography (Photojournalism), I’m aiming to produce documentary films and photo essays on women, children in developing communities and the culture of all things culinary and music.

I’m collaborating with fellow photographers and freelance writers on key launches and working on a couple of side projects, of which I’ll update details.

Thanks for stopping by,

IMG_0331 IMG_0329

**Please note all work on this blog is mine, unless I’ve credited a source.

**My first photo posted ‘So French, So Chic is not, I’m not sure where I sourced it from. After all, a super cute dog can do that to you. If you are interested in my work or want to chat about any of the photos – please drop me a line.

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