Folio Personal Expression

Pizzini Winery

Folio – Personal Expression

Devaz_L_StPT_section_Personal_Expression_002 Devaz_L_StPT_section_Personal_Expression_003 Devaz_L_StPT_section_Personal_Expression_004 Devaz_L_StPT_section_Personal_Expression_005 Devaz_L_StPT_section_Personal_Expression_006 Devaz_L_StPT_section_Personal_Expression_007 Devaz_L_StPT_section_Personal_Expression_008 Devaz_L_StPT_section_Personal_Expression_009 Devaz_L_StPT_section_Personal_Expression_010 Devaz_L_StPT_section_Personal_Expression_011 Devaz_L_StPT_section_Personal_Expression_012

Last year in December, as part of my first semester assessment (of my Advanced Diploma in Photography) we were asked to submit a photography folio. It was divided into four sections, one of them being ‘Personal Expression’ – which meant you could photograph any topic or subject you liked. All you needed to do was present it in front of the class and give a small rundown on what the photos represent and why they are meaningful for you. These photos are the products of my first six months as an amateur photographer.

The images needed to be shot in camera raw, which meant no post production at all. Straight out of camera. I did have a polarising lens on this, but that was about it. So the key was to get light, composition and exposure right – as well as create a journey for the viewer. My subject is a young girl called Astrid and I met her while working at Pizzini Winery last year. She represented everything I wasn’t feeling at the time – freedom, joy and living in the moment.

I had bogged myself down with far too many commitments and her boundless energy and lovely spirit reminded me to just… be. That there is great happiness in the simple things and a kind word goes a long way. It’s amazing how mature children can be and how much synchronicity life can have. When these photos when up on the screen in class, one of my friends shouted out, “that is my best friend’s daughter!” You’ve gotta love how we are all connected.

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